Family Conflict and Court

Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called the sons of God ( Matthew 5:9).

A divorce, separation, or break-up can be very difficult on the family especially when there are children involved. It can be emotionally draining on all parties as the family dynamics begin to shift. We understand firsthand how family conflict can be difficult to resolve and we want to be here to support you in this process.

( 1 Corinthians 6: 1-8) Family conflict can be resolved without court and we want to provide you with another option. Liz Evonne Dispute Resolution Services is here to be that peacemaker that will help to resolve your family conflict in love.  You can be in pain without being the cause of it. Children can be hurt in the process of family conflict between mom and dad. There can be peace in the middle of a storm!

" Blessed are the peacemakers"

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Dear Elizabeth 

It Can Be Tricky

High Conflict cases are cases that have many sensitive elements that may cause it to be prolonged for years in a court system. High Conflict cases may contain a history or have present issues of:
- Domestic violence and abuse
- Financial abuse
- Mental health issues
- " Cluster b" personality disorders
and other influential factors that can impede on resolving disputes.

Let Me First Be Clear

Most Judges do not even have the time to read pleadings much less pay attention and review evidence. They are making premature decisions with a guaranteed possibility of prolonging the court case unnecessarily. In cases like these, some lawyers love such conflict because it allows a continued financial flow for years. This can cause a tremendous amount of pain and anguish for litigants in court especially for a protective parent.

Approaching High Conflict Cases

Dispute resolution can be difficult if the facilitator or mediator is unknowledgeable. How meditation is handled is a major contributing factor to whether it works or not. If the mediator does not specialize in high conflict mediations or dispute resolutions then there is a great possibility that it will not work. The mediation will resemble what it looks like in the courtroom and will deem to feel hopeless. The reality though is mediation if handled as high conflict, is more beneficial to the survivor than being forced to show up in court on numerous occasions with the abuser.

How Do I know so much about this?

Besides my professional interactions, personally, I was in a high conflict case and the reality is high conflict cases can,  have you bound to the court system for decades. It is because of my own experience that I have dedicated myself to dispute resolution. There is always one litigant who enjoys going back and forth to court to fight it out.
If you are in a high conflict case always seek alternative dispute resolutions.